I challenge you to illuminate the unknown in your community, whether that’s within the natural wirld or built environment, by creating a citizen science project and sharing your discoveries with the world.

Chicago Military Academy at Bronzeville

S.O.S. Asian Carp

We are working to educate our community on the Asian carp infestation in our local waters by involving our peers in the efforts that are being led by experts to solve the issue.

Infinity High School Of Math, Science And Technology


La Villita Sprouts focuses on empowering
the community to create and maintain a
healthy environment for all.

Northside College Preparatory High School

Chi-Town Compost

The goal of Chi-Town Compost is to divert food waste from local homes and restaurants to our on-site composting program and commercial composting services, to create similar interactive composting sites at nearby community gardens and elementary schools, and to inspire our community to “dream to be green.”

Roald Amundsen High School

Starry Chicago

Starry Chicago is a program that educates the community about the importance of preserving the night sky and that advocates for dark-sky friendly policies in order to mitigate the harmful effects of light pollution..