2013 LA Solutions Menu


2013 LA Solutions Menu



Teams have one week to select the challenge of their choice, draft their vision, and set goals. Teams put their work into action by engaging their communities through events, surveys and media outreach. Here are their solutions.

2013 LA Solutions

13 Red Solutions

13 Red Solutions

JF Kennedy HS


Using media to promote health and fitness for both body and mind, BAM Challenge unites the community to raise awareness of personal health.

Middle College HS

Whiz Kids

Using media and activities, we are creating tools to help
prevent, combat and deal with bullying. Stop hating, start liking!

LA Pierre Solutions

LA Pierre Solutions

Grant HS

Team C.R.E.A.T.E

Bridging the gaps in our community is the name of our game! Through an artistic movement, we are bringing people together to creat unity and acceptance for all! Let's CREATE the CHANGE!

Marshall HS


Bridging a gap between the new and old
generations one step at a time. Using dance to bring people together.

Narbonne HS

Carpe Diem

We seize the day by uniting all generations.

David Gallo Solutions

David Gallo Solutions

Bravo Medical Magnet HS

Bravo Bytes

We challenge everyone to "wave-up" and take responsibility for the health of our oceans and all that live in our seas. We are contagious.

Downtown Magnet HS


Organize/Change/Engage/Act/Now (O.C.E.A.N.) Los Angeles is a group of inner-city students dedicated to creating a mindset of protecting the beauty and wonder of the oceans amongst resident of Los Angeles.

Fairfax HS

Team C.R.I.S.P.

We are dedicated to bringing back what's missing in our
community: Communication, Reconnection, Inspiration, Support & Participation and having a stronger community.

Rancho Dominguez

Lupus Sarcina

We are a team of active participants in our community who reaise awareness about our oceans. We are open minded, creative and strong ethical leaders.

Kristin Groos Richmond Solutions

Kristin Groos Richmond Solutions

Bell HS

Change 8

Enlightening the community about healthy eating habits
through workshops, peer-to-peer awareness, and distribution of healthy food.

SouthEast HS

Paws for a Cause

We usher in a new ideal of health in our community with
emphasis on nutrition and physical fitness.

Westchester ESM

Comet Radiation

Using Aquaponics, we aim to positively influence and create a healthy community through producing green resources on Westchester Soil.

Dean Kamen Solutions

Dean Kamen Solutions

Dorsey HS

Dorsey Eco Club

Through partnerships, communication, and positivity, Dorsey EcoClub takes on environmental and social justice challenges in their local watershed.

Garfield HS

Dare To Dream Team

We are the Dare to Dream Team - Inspiring others to fall in
love with math and science.

Reseda HS

The Mercernaries

Pointing kids towards STEM careers (with artistic
considerations), and shattering the dreams of sports-loving children everywhere.
Free of charge!

Taft HS

The Transcendentalists

Growing gardens of the mind, nourished by Dewey’s ideas that
children learn by sowing science, math, and the arts.

Anna Deavere Smith Solutions

Anna Deavere Smith Solutions

Banning HS


As Pilots we guide our community to safe harbor through acts of kindness and compassion.  Pass the Ribbon!

Hamilton HS


Human Efforts Aimed at Relating Together (HEART) aspires to positively influence the lives of other students who may have difficulty keeping up with the standards and expectations of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

Washington Prep HS

Common Sense

Bringing our students together to open their hearts, minds,
and eyes. It's common sense!

West Adams

Prowl-erful Panthers

Creating opportunities and garnering support from the
community to help our homeless population. We’re building bridges (we won the bridge building contest)!