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Teams have one week to select the challenge of their choice, draft their vision, and set goals. Teams put their work into action by engaging their communities through events, surveys and media outreach. Here are their solutions.

2014 denver Solutions

Jamiel Alexander Solutions

Jamiel Alexander Solutions

High Tech Early College


Team I.N.S.P.I.R.E reaches out to those communities that have high dropout rates and challenges students to find ways they can encourage their peers and themselves to stay in school. We are creating a culture in which students at our school
are becoming accountable to one another through support, encouragement, and becoming active participants in their education.

PUSH Academy

Project Promise

P.U.S.H. Academy's Project Promise, is an initiative to eradicate the dropout rate. It is our Promise to make a conscious and sincere effort to engage, inspire and lead all youth in our community so they may exceed academic expectations and norms. This is accomplished with a village concept in mind.

Summit Academy

REBOUND (Reengagement Education based on Understanding Natural Decisions

REBOUND is centered on creating a peer mentoring program at Summit Academy to reengage students in school and see the importance of their education through building healthy relationships with their peers.

David Gallo Solutions

David Gallo Solutions

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Denver Center for 21st Century Learning

SEA Denver

Out of sight, out of mind. Because we don't have easy access to our oceans, we think we're not connected to them and they have NO impact on our lives; that's simply not true.

East High School

H.A.L.O. [Hope + Action = Love for our Oceans]

H.A.L.O. (Hope + Action = Love for our Oceans), is taking action to care for our oceans, one of our most valuable resources, by educating the community about the harm that plastic bottles cause for our oceans and creating opportunities for community members to take a stand!

South High School

The Ripple Effect

Our team has decided to focus on the ocean, because no matter where you are in the world, you affect the ocean as much as the ocean affects you, habits must be formed early both to decrease pollution and to conserve water; take the plunge to use less plastic, conserve water and create a ripple effect in your community.

Strive Preparatory - Excel

Neptune's Ocean Warriors

Neptune's Ocean Warriors (NOW) works to inspire residents of Denver to
understand the impact they have on our oceans through educational
programming and lobbying to pass legislation.

Christopher Gandin Le Solutions

Christopher Gandin Le Solutions

CEC Middle College

DNA [Denver's Not Alone]

CEC's team (DNA - Denver's Not Alone) is working to fight feelings of isolation and helplessness in our community by creating opportunities for people to come together to lift each other up.

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George Washington High School

Positive Patriots

Our mission is to raise awareness about mental health and provide ways people can maintain a positive perspective on life and self by vowing to be happy.

Montbello Campus

Warriors of Hope

Bridging cultures divided by change.

PREP Academy

[MIGHTY BULLDOGS] - H.O.P.E. for Mile High

Our mission is to raise awareness within our community around mental health and suicide through educating our peers in the PREP community and serving as mentors for 5th graders at our neighborhood elementary school.

Darrel Hammond Solutions

Darrel Hammond Solutions

Bruce Randolph High School

Parks Inc.

The mission of Parks Inc. is to develop safe parks that foster play and creativity on a daily basis through community involvement.

Denver Center for International Studies


DCIS PLAY aims to build a community partnership with DCIS Fairmont, by incorporating different methods of play through education.

North High School

PLAY Denver

It is PLAY Denver’s goal to provide moments of joy inspired by play. We provide children in our community with physical and mental escapes, from the stress that living in poverty can bring, though sustainable community solutions.

Kirsten Saenz TobeySolutions

Kirsten Saenz TobeySolutions

Contemporary Learning Academy

Mighty Veggies

Promotes vegetable consumption and shares healthy recipes in our community through a phone app.

Thomas Jefferson High School


Spreading Environmental Education (and) Developing Seeds.

Laura Zabel Solutions

Laura Zabel Solutions

Abraham Lincoln High School

Inspire Through Connection

Inspire Through Connection promotes understanding by enabling community stakeholders to share their stories.

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John F. Kennedy High School

Art from the Heart

Giving our community a voice and a chance to share their talents and skills through art.

Martin Luther King Jr. Early College

Signal of Expression

The goal of Signal of Expression is to unify the youth and adults of the Montbello and Green Valley Ranch Communities through all forms of art that represent self-expression.

West Campus

Inspiration Walls

We are using blank walls to start conversations around issues in our school and the West Denver community.