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Teams have one week to select the challenge of their choice, draft their vision, and set goals. Teams put their work into action by engaging their communities through events, surveys and media outreach. Here are their solutions.

2014 LA Solutions

2014 LA Solutions


Judy Baca Solutions

Judy Baca Solutions

Abraham Lincoln High School

Behind the Heights

Behind the Heights is creating a growing mural that tells the unheard stories of Lincoln Heights, beginning with the 1968 Student Walkouts, and beautifies our community.

Arleta High School

Paint the 818

Paint the 818" accelerates the maturation process from tagging to muralist through education and involvement in order to enhance the beauty of our community and stop the defacing of our neighborhoods.

Eagle Rock High School


Paint-ER is determined to launch and maintain an after school program for the Arts at Eagle Rock Junior and Senior High School united by the creation of a mural that will beautify our school and address a global concern collectively presented by the Class of 2019.

Mervyn M. Dymally High School

Diamonds in the Rough

Diamonds in the Rough is centered on highlighting human stories in hopes of erasing the lines that divide us and breaking the chains that hold us back from reaching our potential.

Matt Miller Solutions

Matt Miller Solutions

Daniel Pearl Magnet High School

Wheels for Youth

Wheels for Youth provides resources and skills to the youth of Los Angeles County as a means of educating them on the importance of safely using human powered transportation to make the road a more efficient and useful place.

Harbor Teacher Prep Academy

Southbay Outreach Services

S.O.S. (Southbay Outreach Services) collects donations and has created an easily accessible webpage that gives struggling families and children a way to find help and resources as it lends them a helping hand in their local community.

Adewale OgunBadejo Solutions

Adewale OgunBadejo Solutions

Chatsworth Charter High School


The Eco-Academy is a youth-driven organization that advocates for energy and water conservation in our community through education.

Global Issues Academy at Maya Angelou Community High School

The Terra Troopers

The Terra Troopers create lightsavers by teaching children and parents the importance of conserving energy and building long lasting habits that results in a positive effect on energy conservation.

LACES [Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies]

It Makes C.E.N.T.S.

It Makes C.E.N.T.S. increases awareness and inspires creative solutions to California's growing need to conserve water and energy resources.

Susan M. Dorsey High School

Dorsey Junior Engineers

We, the Dorsey Junior Engineers, in an effort to improve the way our community uses electricity, water, and energy, are building a solar powered trash compactor to save electricity and gas and to conserve the environment.

Alex Ortega Solutions

Alex Ortega Solutions

James A. Foshay Learning Center

Nutrifit Foshay

Nutrifit Foshay encouragee, educates, and excites the community to establish a healthy lifestyle by promoting healthy eating habits and physical fitness.

King Drew Magnet High School

P.E.A.C.E. Mode

P.E.A.C.E. Mode wishes to promote and establish a calm environment within our community in order to reduce the stress levels that harm an individual's health.

Rancho Dominguez Preparatory School

Lobos for Change

LOBOS for C.H.A.N.G.E. will activate awareness by providing access to positive solutions, including physical, mental and social events, that foster healthier lifestyles within the community and combat the problems of obesity.

Reseda High School

Fresh Cutz

Fresh Cutz is an interactive program with a mission to teach the importance of healthier eating choices through healthy partnerships.

Teacher Prep Academy at César E Chávez Learning Academies

Soar for Health

Soar for Health Organization is focused on empowering our local community by providing them with interactive educational experiences and engaging physical activities that enable them to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Ullysses S. Grant High School

Team Red Light

Team Red Light is dedicated to educating adolescents in our community about marijuana usage and its effects, providing support in dealing with the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of substance abuse, and providing alternatives that will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Valley Academy of Arts & Sciences


Lifecycle is leading the journey to a more health-conscious community by raising awareness and creating a movement to inspire others; we will only reach our destination when we all make the choice to live forward.