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Teams have one week to select the challenge of their choice, draft their vision, and set goals. Teams put their work into action by engaging their communities through events, surveys and media outreach. Here are their solutions.

Brian Bannon Solutions

Brian Bannon Solutions

Eric Dawson Solutions

Eric Dawson Solutions

Ellen H. Richards Career Academy High School

RCA Student Union

Our goal is to unite our student body and improve the student and staff relationships by developing a peer support system and by creating a safe space for students to interact with each other, staff, and the broader community.

Frederick A. Douglass Academy High School

Streets to Success

We will reduce violence by creating career opportunities for inner-city young adults.

George H. Corliss Early College STEM High School

Harmony Heroes

The Harmony Heroes is a peace movement that centers around the idea that empathy cures violence.

John Marshall Metropolitan High School

Between Peace

Between Peace focuses on drawing attention to peace that already exists in our school and community in an effort to reduce violence and take pride in our community spaces.

Morgan Park High School

Straight from the “Go”
(as in straight from Chicago)

We are unleashing peace in Chicago by
collaborating with teachers to create an
interdisciplinary unit about peace movements to be taught at Morgan Park and starting an annual peace fest that will bring together African-American youth and police officers to discuss how they can unleash peace.

Phoenix Military Academy

WP2(Wise Peaceful Presence)

Working together with wisdom to decrease the violence in our community and create a culture of peace.

Roberto Clemente Community Academy

Unify Division

In order to unify the divide between the
neighborhoods of Chicago, we plan on acting as agents of change by creating an event that will unite two unlikely allies to elicit peace and abolish the stereotypes that hinder the city from growing to its fullest potential.

David Lang Solutions

David Lang Solutions

Chicago Military Academy at Bronzeville

S.O.S. Asian Carp

We are working to educate our community on the Asian carp infestation in our local waters by involving our peers in the efforts that are being led by experts to solve the issue.

Infinity High School Of Math, Science And Technology


La Villita Sprouts focuses on empowering
the community to create and maintain a
healthy environment for all.

Northside College Preparatory High School

Chi-Town Compost

The goal of Chi-Town Compost is to divert food waste from local homes and restaurants to our on-site composting program and commercial composting services, to create similar interactive composting sites at nearby community gardens and elementary schools, and to inspire our community to “dream to be green.”

Roald Amundsen High School

Starry Chicago

Starry Chicago is a program that educates the community about the importance of preserving the night sky and that advocates for dark-sky friendly policies in order to mitigate the harmful effects of light pollution..

Jessica O. Matthews Solutions

Jessica O. Matthews Solutions

Al Raby School For Community And Environment

Peace BiPiece

We inspire people to work together to
accomplish peace by piecing together a safe community for children to be playful.

Wells Community Academy

S.M.A.R.T. Space Makers

S.M.A.R.T. (Space Makers Are Reinventing Tomorrow) designs artistic and technical learning opportunities for underserved middle school students.

Kimberly Reese & Andrea Boakye Solutions

Kimberly Reese & Andrea Boakye Solutions

Chicago High School For Agriculture Sciences

Operation Farm to School

Operation Farm to School strives to create an environment where students in underprivileged elementary schools can
access fresh foods and gain knowledge about
nutrition and agricultural practices.

George Westinghouse College Prep

Fresh on Franklin

Fresh on Franklin aims to inspire
Westinghouse youth to adopt healthier
lifestyles through exposure to new food
options, education, and community

George H. Corliss Early College STEM High School

Harmony Heroes

The Harmony Heroes is a peace movement that centers around the idea that empathy cures violence.

Hyman G. Rickover Naval Academy

(Seeing Every American Finally
Obtain an Optimal Diet)

SEAfood makes nutritional food readily
available to ensure everyone has access to healthy alternatives.

Kenwood Academy High School


KENFoods is creating healthier food options for our school community by planting a garden that will provide fresh foods and by educating our local community on the accessibility to urban gardening.

World Language High School

N.S.N. Lawndale

N.S.N. (North South Nutrición) Lawndale’s vision is to create and organize a health food market on the borders of North and South Lawndale to increase awareness of diseases caused by unhealthy eating.

Daniel Rodgers Solution Vi

Daniel Rodgers Solution Vi

Lindblom Math And Science Academy

(Leading Youth in Financial Education)

MoneyLYFE acts as a bridge from the youth to the banking world by conducting bank fairs,infomercials, and promotional activities to improve our community’s financial knowledge and decision-making process.