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Teams have one week to select the challenge of their choice, draft their vision, and set goals. Teams put their work into action by engaging their communities through events, surveys and media outreach. Here are their solutions.

17 Philly Solutions

17 Philly Solutions

Komal Ahmad Solutions

Komal Ahmad Solutions

Frankford High School

Food Fighters

In order to help decrease food waste, we will educate local students and community members about proactive measures in minimizing excess food and enlist their support for changing food laws.

Kensington Health Sciences Academy

Straight Outta Compost

In order to reduce food waste and improve the health of our peers, we established a partnership with Greensgrow Community Garden to provide them with health food and in return, we collect their food waste for compost for the garden.In order to reduce food waste and improve the health of our peers, we established a partnership with Greensgrow Community Garden to provide them with healthy food and in return, we collect their food waste for compost for the garden.

Northeast High School

Reducing Food Waste

We are Meraki.
We replenish fruits that are being thrown away.
We teach our community the importance of fruit.
We reveal the beauty of fruit.
We are Meraki.

One Bright Ray Community High School

Phill Up Philly

We are changing the face of hunger and food waste in Philadelphia by distributing and repurposing wasted food to those in need through unconventional methods such as juicing, jarring, and compost.

Philadelphia Academy Charter High School

Philly Youth Hunger Initiative

Philly Youth Hunger Initiative uses the community connections, vision, and creativity of our generation to change misconceptions about food insecurity while connecting organizations and people with recovered and donated food.

Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School

Sankofa Feeds

We bring businesses and organizations together with educational institutions to help recover food in a scalable way which leads to the distribution among residents within the city of Philadelphia.

Jeffrey Brown Solutions

Jeffrey Brown Solutions

Freire Charter School

Freire Protects Philly

Each of us have been touched by violence. The change starts with us. We fight back by NOT fighting at all: we are training our fellow dragons to cope with stress nonviolently.

Gateway to College

Gateway to Change

Gateway to Change's mission is to unify the community to make nonviolence cool through relationship building, increasing community engagement, and promoting human value through art.

Horace H. Furness High School

P.O.P. (Power Over Pressure)

We created a community movement that promotes and implements non-violence to be cool. We strive to reduce violence in order to shape a better tomorrow.

Parkway Northwest High School for Peace and Social Justice

Peace of Mind

In order to dispel tendencies of fear and hate between different groups of people, we are engaging people in activities like sports competitions, martial arts, and meditation in order to redirect their energy and foster a culture where peace and tolerance are cool.

People for People Charter School


WeSeek is a mobile application that decreases violence by connecting people with others to challenge and build on the way we interact with other people. WeSeek unity.

The U School


Breakout provides pre-teens who are influenced by violence with mentoring. We help them find their own narratives through the arts and overcome barriers caused by all forms of violence.

YESPhilly Accelerated High School


YESPhilly created a movement called Something 2 Lose that uses role-playing events to persuade youth to think before they act and use their voices to make non-violence cool.

Shari Davis Solutions

Shari Davis Solutions

The Philadelphia High School For Girls

Daughters of Democracy

We are integrating participatory budgeting in our school and community to enable everyone to practice true democracy and directly vote on where real money is allocated.

Zeke Emanuel Solutions

Zeke Emanuel Solutions

George Washington High School


By associating the word "healthy" with the word "fun" through fitness and diet, we raise awareness of the benefits of healthy living one meal at a time.

Paul Robeson High School for Human Services

Paul Robeson Healthy Youth Initiative

We are teaching students about physical, emotional, and nutritional health to promote a healthy lifestyle. We want to replicate this program in other schools to increase healthy behaviors.

Philadelphia Performing Arts: A String Theory Charter School

B^3 (Buff Broccoli Brains)

B^3 creates tools to build healthy, happy lives. Our fun, student-created programs promote good nutrition, regular exercise, and emotional wellbeing as daily and lifelong habits in our school and community.

JT Reager Solutions

JT Reager Solutions

Abraham Lincoln High School


Are you prepared to live in a colorless earth? An earth void of sounds of life and nature? Of course not! Be a change to make the world you deserve to live in, a symphonic earth. Help us educate, empower and create an Eco-Maniac earth!

First Philadelphia Preparatory Charter High School

Philly Fights Lead

We take action against the lead epidemic in Philadelphia by educating and empowering the community to take action, securing our future, and protecting our children.

John Bartram High School

Seeds of Change

Seeds of Change is a community organization dedicated to improving our environment while helping others. We are committed to educating our peers and neighbors about the importance of reducing waste.