2018 Dallas Solutions Menu


2018 Dallas Solutions Menu



Teams have one week to select the challenge of their choice, draft their vision, and set goals. Teams put their work into action by engaging their communities through events, surveys and media outreach. Here are their solutions.

2018 Dallas Solutions

2018 Dallas Solutions

Lonzo Anderson Solutions

Lonzo Anderson Solutions

Skyline High School

C.S.T Squad

We will organize a Pleasant Grove community block party to build authentic relationships, promote safety, and improve trust with the Dallas Police Department.

Wilmer-Hutchins High School

S.T.P. (Safety, Trust and Partnership)

S.T.P. will build bridges among the officers who keep us Safe, the community that Trusts us, and the students who have designed these Partnerships.

Ann Kim Solutions

Ann Kim Solutions

Bryan Adams High School


We are addressing loneliness by establishing a mentor and buddy system within our school that matches lower classmen with upper classmen to ensure their stay at Bryan Adams feels welcoming. We will expand throughout our school feeder pattern and aspire to impact our entire city.

Justin F. Kimball High School


By hosting a series of “Remember the Times” events, we will bring back old-fashioned face-to-face interactions that inspire and motivate others to connect back to what matters the most — cultivating meaningful relationships!

Seagoville High School


Connection is contagious. Intention uses connections to cause a chain reaction of respectful behavior throughout our community. By encouraging teachers and students to interact in a non-academic setting, we can build these connections and reduce disrespectful behavior on our campus.

W.H. Adamson High School

I am Enough

We are creating a campaign that builds understanding of and compassion toward those experiencing loneliness by forming a strong, healing network among local churches, businesses, and schools.

W.W. Samuell High School

Samuell Connects

We are encouraging interaction between and support for students and staff at Samuell High School by utilizing social media and hosting community events where participants can learn more about addressing the issue of loneliness.

Gabby Pacheco Solutions

Gabby Pacheco Solutions

David W. Carter High School


Our team is increasing empathy by bringing immigrants’ stories to light through art and changing minds one step at a time. Our team is focused on awareness, inspiration, empowerment, change, and unity.

Emmett J. Conrad High School

I.M.P.A.C.T (Initiating Meaningful Progress Among Cultures Today)

We work with organizations, educators, and students to dispel stereotypes between immigrants and the community in which they reside and equip immigrants with tools to thrive in American society.

Sunset High School

Dreamers not Criminals

We are creating a resource center in Sunset High School to help the undocumented population in our neighborhood successfully transition to their new country and to offer financial planning resources.

Thomas Jefferson High School


WE>ME will create inclusive spaces for all people who feel ashamed of their legal status. We will create community groups that meet consistently to inform and empower immigrants to feel safe and accepted in their new community.

Chris Plutte Solutions

Chris Plutte Solutions

Hillcrest High School

Global and Cultural Understanding

To improve cultural understanding, we are inviting our community to join us in a workshop where we learn about other cultures through food, games, prizes, and music.

L.G. Pinkston High School


We will dispel misconceptions of other cultures and races around the world by creating a website for youth to share their life stories and cultures.

W.T. White High School

Bonds without Borders

Using social media platforms, we will connect with students worldwide to create intercultural understanding, dispel stereotypes, and improve relations among people from other countries.

Rawroot Wilson Solutions

Rawroot Wilson Solutions

Franklin D. Roosevelt High School

Stray Paws

In order to make streets safer for pedestrians, especially school-aged pedestrians, Stray Paws is committed to decreasing the number of stray dogs in the area by increasing patrols and raising awareness of the 311 phone app and free spay and neutering services.

Moisés E. Molina High School

Mobility 4 All (M4A)

M4A promotes community cohesion and equitable development by improving access to safe mobility across all types of transit. We will identify common themes and issues throughout the southern sector and propose solutions to private-sector companies whose interests align with the mission of M4A.

Michael Sorrell Solutions

Michael Sorrell Solutions

H. Grady Spruce High School

Spruce Produce

We will improve access to healthy foods and educate the Pleasant Grove community about healthy lifestyle choices by building a community greenhouse.

North Dallas High School

North Dallas Farmers

By bringing healthy foods closer to consumers, we will inspire youth to make better food choices and to help make a difference in our communities for a better tomorrow.

South Oak Cliff High School

Golden Bears Gardeners

We are promoting access to healthier foods by building a series of community gardens to support our school and community. To scale this initiative, our goal is to provide widespread access to the gardens and educate people about growing and harvesting fresh fruits and vegetables.

Woodrow Wilson High School

Wildcats on Wheels

We are developing and implementing a traveling farmers market to provide free and fresh food to the public with produce grown in Dallas ISD public school gardens.