In its fourth year, Denver Public Schools (DPS) has taken full ownership of both the financial and programmatic elements of what is now known as Challenge 5280. By aligning Challenge 5280 with the Student Voice and Leadership curriculum, and moving the program to the beginning of the year, DPS enables school teams to continue their work beyond the initial 7-weeks and create a yearlong sustainable opportunity.

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With nearly 54 high schools, Denver Public Schools (DPS) is the second Aspen Challenge district partner and has adopted the name Challenge 5280 as it continues the program. DPS is committed to meeting the educational needs of every student with great schools in every neighborhood. Their goal is to provide every child in Denver with rigorous, enriching educational opportunities from preschool through high school graduation. Under the leadership of superintendent Tom Boasberg and guided by the tenets of The Denver Plan, DPS has become the fastest-growing large school district in Colorado in terms of enrollment and student academic growth. DPS is committed to establishing Denver as a national leader in student achievement, high school graduation, and college and career readiness.


The Student Board of Education serves a unique and important role in Denver Public Schools and is an internal organization that empower high school students to advocate for their peers at the school and district level. It promotes student voice and leadership, builds powerful relationships among students and between students and adults, creates a positive school environment and fosters school and district goals.





The best ideas can take decades, even generations to develop. But those ideas will never get anywhere or change anything unless you just go for it. The Aspen Challenge - Denver is about encouraging student leaders at 21 DPS High Schools to pursue those ambitious ideas to solve the most complicated and pressing matters facing our world today: racism, public health, cyber bullying and homelessness, among others. Watch how these amazing students tackled these challenges: