Teams gather to hear from leading thinkers, who tackle some of our world's toughest issues. These leaders propose challenges to the teams,
asking them to create innovative solutions.





Christopher Gandin Le

I challenge you. the students of Denver, CO, to identify the ways that people in your community can improve their mental health now by creating safe spaces in your schools or in your neighborhoods where people can share how they are feeling. The goal is to get people talking -- not just about suicide, not just about bullying -- about hope and life

Darell Hammond

I challenge you, the students of Denver,CO, to focus on children living in poverty, I challenge you to leverage underutilized resources and unexpected space in creative ways to make play available to every child, everywhere in your community.

David Gallo

I challenge you, the students of Denver, CO, to design a campaign to remind people that we are living on an ocean planet and that if we protect the sea, the sea will protect us. No matter where you live on earth, the oceans impact your everyday lives and no matter where you live, you impact the ocean.

Kirsten Saenz Tobey

I challenge you, the students of Denver,CO, to leverage the underutilize resources of your community (e.g. schools on the weekends) to create a place where you and your peers could come together in the interest of creating healthier food environment for your school community.

Laura Zabel

I challenge you, the students of Denver, CO, to use art to create new social connections in your community. Design a creative project that invites community members to engage with each other in a new way.



I challenge you, the students in Denver, CO, to create awareness and empower your community to take action and address high school dropout rates. Engage your peers, share your experiences, introduce new methods of thought about the importance of education, and learn how to take action on the importance of it for all!



I challenge you, the students in Denver, CO, to create a way of inspiring your classmates, and students around the country, to learn about the Bill of Rights, its history, and the way that it relates to your lives. Inspire them to apply their knowledge of it to be active citizens by choosing a current debate involving the Bill Of Rights and making an argument about what liberty means to you today. Be creative in helping students learn about where the rights listed in the Bill of Rights came from and how they evolved over time.