We challenge you to expand the market of fresh, nutritious and affordable foods through mobile markets, farmer’s markets, school markets or corner stores in underprivileged areas. You are the bridge between farms and neighborhoods that will empower and enhance communities.

Chicago High School For Agriculture Sciences

Operation Farm to School

Operation Farm to School strives to create an environment where students in underprivileged elementary schools can
access fresh foods and gain knowledge about
nutrition and agricultural practices.

George Westinghouse College Prep

Fresh on Franklin

Fresh on Franklin aims to inspire
Westinghouse youth to adopt healthier
lifestyles through exposure to new food
options, education, and community

George H. Corliss Early College STEM High School

Harmony Heroes

The Harmony Heroes is a peace movement that centers around the idea that empathy cures violence.

Hyman G. Rickover Naval Academy

(Seeing Every American Finally
Obtain an Optimal Diet)

SEAfood makes nutritional food readily
available to ensure everyone has access to healthy alternatives.

Kenwood Academy High School


KENFoods is creating healthier food options for our school community by planting a garden that will provide fresh foods and by educating our local community on the accessibility to urban gardening.

World Language High School

N.S.N. Lawndale

N.S.N. (North South Nutrición) Lawndale’s vision is to create and organize a health food market on the borders of North and South Lawndale to increase awareness of diseases caused by unhealthy eating.