Teams gather to hear from leading thinkers, who tackle some of our world's toughest issues. These leaders propose challenges to the teams,
asking them to create innovative solutions.





Anna Deavere Smith

I challenge you, the students of Los Angeles,CA, to do impromptu performances to cause those around you to open hearts, minds, and eyes, when you perceived that they are shut.

David Gallo

I challenge you, the students of Los Angeles,CA, to find a way to start a social movement to protect the oceans. We need people to understand that our activity is harmful to life in the sea and that we need to change our habits. It’s a difficult task because the issue is not some big event like an oil spill. Instead it something that happens a little bit every single day.

Dean Kamen

I challenge you, the students of Los Angeles, Ca. to find an effective way to direct community activities that increases awareness about and enthusiasm for science and technology among high school students. Be it through the mechanism of FIRST, or some other avenue down which more and more students and schools directly engage in the science, I challenge you to move the dial on the student enthusiasm, interest, and participation.

Kristin Groos Richmond

I challenge you, the students of Los Angeles,CA how would you leverage these underutilized resources (e.g. schools on the weekends) to a place where you and your peers could come together in the interest of creating a healthier community, in regards to food? In your design solution, please be sure to paint the picture of what this would look like from incentivizing your peers to be apart of this community, to securing the space, to food and benefits this would have on your communities at large.

Linda Burch

I challenge you, the students of Los Angeles,CA, to think about your role as an active participant in the digital world and define yourselves what it means to be a good digital citizen. Then take one issue that you care deeply about and find a way to use media to create a positive change in your community and inspire other to do the same.

Pierre Dulaine

I challenge you, the students of Los Angeles, CA, to use an art form you like, remembering that dance is a form of communication and conflict resolution, to make a difference and create change in your community. How can you ladies and gentleman take this into your community, and make it successful.


I challenge you, the student of Los Angeles,CA, to use your power of a storyteller to lead, inspire, and engage people in meaningful dialogues, and create social change. Participate in a globally-collaborative film called The Science of Character. You will not only film yourself as part of this challenge, you will also encourage other to participate and to become influential storytellers themselves.


I challenge you, the students of Los Angeles, CA, to discover a local or international opportunity, cultural or technological, ripe, for interoperable intervention. (2) To propose and design possible interventions , (3) To build out and test the intervention in the real world.