Youth Empowered Solutions (YES!) is a national nonprofit working to create just and thriving communities.

YES! is currently partnering with the Aspen Challenge in Chicago to challenge high school students to go into their communities and create sustainable solutions to address food injustice. With the Aspen Challenge, youth lead the charge, empowering residents and peers to advocate for an issue selected by the students. This year in Chicago, five school-based teams selected YES!’s challenge:

We challenge you to expand the market of fresh, nutritious and affordable foods through mobile markets, farmer’s markets, school markets or corner stores in underprivileged areas. You are the bridge between farms and neighborhoods that will empower and enhance communities.

Here, Youth Empowered Solutions (YES!) staff members Andrea Boakye and Carmen Procida define youth empowerment and explain how the Challenge prepares students to be leaders and problem-solvers. 

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