2019 Louisville Videos


2019 Louisville Videos



Steph Speirs is co-founder and CEO of Solstice, an enterprise dedicated to radically expanding the number of American households that can take advantage of clean energy using community-shared solar farms. An entrepreneur and community builder, she has management experience around the globe.
Martina Vandenberg is the founder and president of the Human Trafficking Legal Center. She has spent more than two decades fighting human trafficking, forced labor, rape as a war crime, and violence against women. Vandenberg has represented victims of human trafficking pro bono in immigration, criminal, and civil cases and has trained more than 3,600 pro bono attorneys nationwide to handle human trafficking matters.
Wajahat Ali is a journalist, writer, lawyer, playwright, and TV personality. He helped launch Al Jazeera America as co-host of the news show "The Stream" and as a national correspondent, political reporter, and social media expert for the network.
"Alexandra Quinn is CEO of Health Leads, since October 2017. Previously, she held several executive roles at the organization spanning more than a decade, pioneering efforts to enable health care organizations to design and launch innovative models of care. Most recently as managing principal, Quinn oversaw Health Leads's west coast expansion.
Jeffrey Rosen is president and CEO of the nonprofit National Constitution Center, where he developed its Interactive Constitution. He is a George Washington University law professor and contributing editor of The Atlantic. His essays and commentaries have appeared widely, including in the New Republic, where he was previously the magazine's legal affairs editor, and in The New Yorker, where he was a staff writer.
Jenara Nerenberg is a journalist with the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley, at the Garrison Institute, and elsewhere. She is also the founder and lead interviewer of The Neurodiversity Project, which seeks to reframe mental differences through events, writing, research, conferences, and more.



Carmen Coleman is the chief academic information officer for Jefferson County Public Schools, since 2017. Prior to this, she was an associate professor in University of Kentucky's Department of Educational Leadership Studies, where she directed the Next Generation Leadership Academy and the principal preparation program.
Dan Porterfield is president and CEO of the Aspen Institute. Previously, he served for seven years as president of Franklin & Marshall College. Porterfield has been recognized as a visionary leader and advocate for expanding educational opportunity and improving the human condition and was named a White House Champion of Change in 2016.
Martin Pollio is superintendent of the Jefferson County Public School District, since April 2018. He had served as acting superintendent since July 2017. A 20-year administrator and educator at the school district, Pollio's focus is improving culture and climate across the district, increasing student achievement, and implementing deeper learning strategies to make lessons come alive for students and teachers.
Erica Williams Simon is head of the Creator's Lab at Snapchat, creating spaces for meaningful dialogue with influencers and creators at the forefront of cultural change. She hosts the podcast "The Call with Erica," published by ManRepeller.com and co-hosts "The Assembly," a nontraditional talk series executive produced by Rosario Dawson.
Zachary Epps is the program manager for the Aspen Challenge. He is a dynamic facilitator, analytical thinker, and servant leader committed to producing measurable improvements in the lives of children, youth and families. Prior to joining the Youth and Engagement Division, Zachary was Director of Advocacy and External Engagement within the School District of Philadelphia.
Harold Green is an ever-evolving artist, with a fluidity that defies categorization. Known chiefly as a poet, Green weaves stories with passion and lyrical creativity that captivates audiences. He expands beyond the coffee house, spoken word crowd creating CDs, videos, and books; performing at festivals, rallies, and college campuses across the country; selling out major Chicago music venues; and even performing center stage at the inauguration of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.


Martin Pollio is superintendent of the Jefferson County Public School District, since April 2018. He had served as acting superintendent since July 2017. A 20-year administrator and educator at the school district, Pollio's focus is improving culture and climate across the district, increasing student achievement, and implementing deeper learning strategies to make lessons come alive for students and teachers.
Tackling environmental justice, our solution addresses the lack of data on water quality in the west end of Louisville. Our intent is to improve water quality through riparian buffers and community involvement. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates.
The west end of Louisville has a pollution and health crisis. Our group's goal is to connect like-minded individuals and groups to align their efforts and create solutions to reduce air pollution and improve health outcomes in Louisville.
We will raise awareness and create solutions to reduce the amount of air pollution and emissions in our city by developing a website and mobile app and hosting events to share the importance of respecting the environment.
The bLOUsky Project is a student-led team of artists and entrepreneurs working to combat air pollution in the urban areas of Louisville. The bLOUsky Project works to empower Louisville's most vulnerable urban communities through education, storytelling, artistic collaboration, and community partnerships.
Louisville has an air quality inequity that leads to lower life expectancies for people who live in the West End compared to residents of the East End. We are Western HOPE - Helping Our People's Environment, and we are tackling this challenge by teaching young people how to grow and take care of plants and trees and educating adults on how to minimize the negative impact of poor air quality on their health.
Our goal is to produce a meaningful impact on the Louisville community by encouraging a healthier and more active lifestyle through the revamping of a local park, including the creation of a community garden.
To create a community that appreciates all immigrants, we will highlight personal stories through videos that raise awareness about the harsh reality for many immigrants in Louisville.
Culture Quest is a scavenger hunt for children and families to explore a variety of immigrant-owned businesses throughout Louisville. We chose to take on a challenge to celebrate diversity because we found that many cultures in our community are misrepresented.
We launched We Call Louisville Home to promote and celebrate immigrant-friendly businesses. We will launch a website to highlight immigrants that contribute to our community
We are young adults of the future. FUTURUM represents teens from six nations and four continents who are uniting to advocate for teen immigrants and refugees. Our goal is to integrate, celebrate, and protect the rights of immigrant/refugee communities in Louisville by raising awareness on issues that concern diverse cultures.
We will strengthen unity within our communities and improve intercultural relationships through cultural awareness meetings and lessons on how to provide medical care that incorporates various cultural traditions.
We are Driversity, a group of high school students driven to welcome, nurture, and support immigrants and refugees new to our community by providing ride services at no cost to them. As our neighbors build new lives for themselves, often the toughest part is getting from point A to point B.
To remove the stigma around and improve mental health, the Lighthouse team will create a website and an app full of resources as a safe space for those in need.
We the people of C-4HS (Creating Constitutional Conversations in our Community) are a committee of students from Central High School in Louisville, Kentucky. We will host our community at ongoing events to teach the importance of the United States Constitution, a document that plays such a big role in our everyday lives.
We are T3, Tame the Taboo. We create safe spaces to combat the stigma of and discuss mental health, through education and celebration. Mental health can be completely invisible and extremely difficult, so this issue is critical to discuss.
Open Mind is an organization created to change the way we discuss and understand mental health as a society. To begin that journey we created a podcast, "Under the Umbrella of No Judgement," a platform allowing students in our school to discuss their own mental health experiences.
The stigma around mental health remains because there's no safe outlet for people to express the unique struggles they are facing as diverse individuals and groups. But what if we created digital and physical safe spaces for students and their communities to be on cooperative paths to selfactualization?


"Josh Miller is an artist and the cofounder and CEO of IDEAS xLab. He leverages his background in business, art administration, and editorial production to support his creative practice, and explores the world through photography (and a lot of running), documenting his journeys at joshmiller.ventures.

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