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Josh Bernstein is an international explorer, educator, author, diver, and television host who has traveled more than 1 million miles to over 75 countries, exploring the biggest mysteries of our planet. As the host of Digging for the Truth on the History Channel and Into The Unknown on Discovery Channel, Bernstein has traced the Ark of the Covenant from the caverns of Jerusalem to the mountains of Ethiopia, searched for the Holy Grail in the bowels of Germany, and communed with tribal chiefs in the Amazon rainforest. The two series have created a library of over 53 hours of award-winning documentary content and have been enjoyed by fans in over 220 countries and territories. In December 2013, Bernstein began work on Explorer At Large, an educational, multi-platform initiative to engage, inspire, and educate students with curriculum-driven content that sparks curiosity, playfulness, and wonder.