Chris Plutte is an entrepreneur and leader in the fields of education, media, and conflict resolution. He is executive director of Global Nomads Group (GNG), which leverages technology, storytelling, and personal connection to enable conversation between students around the world and promote the traits they will need to tackle pressing issues. Plutte co-founded GNG in 1998 and led the organization for more than a decade. Prior to rejoining GNG in 2010, he opened and directed Search for Common Ground (SFCG) and was chief of party on initiatives for the Great Lakes region of DRC, Burundi, and Rwanda. At GNG and SFCG, he has managed project and program development. A speaker on media, youth, and conflict, Plutte has appeared on the “Today Show,” CNN, NPR, Education Week, and Chronicles of Philanthropy. He is a Pahara Fellow and a member of Aspen Global Leadership Network.

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