Komal Ahmad is the founder and CEO of Copia, a for-profit company working to eradicate hunger and reduce food waste by using technology to redirect surplus food from businesses and events to feed those in need. Copia’s fleet of professional Food Heroes deliver excess food to veterans agencies, local shelters, and nonprofits serving the hungry. programs, and other nonprofits serving the hungry. Komal has led Copia in recovering over 830,000 pounds of food and is on her way to feeding 1 million people (as of press time), all with food that would have otherwise been wasted. Copia was named one of the top 3 “hottest startups run by women” in the U.S. and one of the top 8 startups coming out of Y Combinator. Ahmad was recently awarded the Nelson Mandela Humanitarian Award, the University of California's “30 Under 30” Global Food Changemaker and Social Entrepreneur of the Year, and Toyota's Mother of Invention.