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LAURA ZABEL is executive director of Springboard for the Arts, an economic and community development agency based in Minnesota. Springboard provides programs that help artists make a living and a life; and programs that help communities tap into the resource that artists provide. Springboard’s projects include Community Supported Art (CSA), which connects artists directly with patrons; the Artists Access to Healthcare program, which was awarded the 2010 Social Entrepreneur’s Cup; and the Irrigate project, a national model for how cities can engage artists to help reframe and address big community challenges. Springboard’s programs have been replicated in over 50 communities across the country. Zabel was named one of the 50 most influential people in the US Nonprofit Arts and received Minnesota Council of Nonprofits’ 2012 Visionary Leader award. 


Watch Laura Zabel's Challenge

On January 10 and 11, 2014, teams from 20 high schools across Denver joined together At the Cable Center for two days to listen to some of the world's most provocative thought leaders. 7 challenges encompassing some of the world's most pressing issues were shared with the teams. Each team will select 1 challenge and design a solution for that challenge.